MIDI Files and Keyboard Styles on this page are short demos only. All are original. Not copied, edited, or modified from another existing MIDI Files or Keyboard styles. In order to receive full versions of the demos please contact the sequencer  (midi programmer) of the file directly. The complete MIDI will be emailed to you after amount of a transfer fee has been received from you. If you need a custom made MIDI File or Keyboard Style, our fees run from US $ 60 per song, depending on the length & difficulty of the song. For further information or assistance please contact us. 'Available' : MIDI file is available to the public, 'Not For Public' : MIDI file is not offered to public due to a privacy reasons.

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Title artist format sequencer status
Domnul Vie Cu Voi To Mere - MIDI Harkuswo Not For Public
Aku semut merah Meggy Z MIDI + Lyric Harkuswo Not For Public
Love The Lord Lincoln Brewster MIDI + Lyric Harkuswo Not For Public
Brooklyn Bridge Bobby Bare MIDI Andhang Available
Queen Of The Angels Deane Hawley MIDI Andhang Available
I Could Be So Good To You Don And The Goodtimes MIDI Andhang Available
The Way You Do The Things You Do Dion MIDI Andhang Available
Dreamy Eyes Johnny Tillotson MIDI Andhang Available
Baby's Gone Gene Thomas MIDI Andhang Available
(My Girl) Sloopy Little Caesar and the Consuls MIDI Andhang Available
Before She Break My Heart Roger Whittaker MIDI Andhang Available
Ada Rindu Evie Tamala MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
Kereta Malam Elvi Sukaesi Korg Style Nugroho Available
Permaen Purtunanden Indonesian folk MIDI Harkuswo Not For Public
Love Is On The Way Saigon Kick MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Ploua Cu Har (Rumanian Wedding Song) MIDI Harkuswo Not For Public
Unconditionally Katy Perry MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Glory (Renewal Mass) Custom MIDI Harkuswo Not For Public
Bujang Duda Della Puspita MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
Salib Yesus Masnait Group MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
Aint Nobody Here But Us Chicken Louis Jordan (Cover) MIDI Harkuswo Not For Public
Jalan Tuhan Angel Pieters MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
As Strong As Samson Procol Harum MIDI Harkuswo Not For Public
cahaya hati D'Masiv MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
Ku Mohon Afgan MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
Indonesia Pusaka Twilite Orchestra MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Indonesia Raya Indonesian National Anthem MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Honky Tonk Man Dwight Yoakam MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Breakout Ronan Hardiman MIDI Ari Available
Zero Paulo (Chris Sitaridis) MIDI Ari Available
Hymne Taruna - MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Mars Argahantu - MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Secangkir Madu Merah Amelina Ft Sheeda MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
2 Hand Hygiene Bima Arr MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Pulau Ambon Hellas Group MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Sudah Berlayar George De Fretes MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Goro Gorone Indonesian Traditional Song MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
O Ulate Indonesian Traditional Song MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Waktu Hujan Sore-Sore Indonesian Traditional Song MIDI + Lyric Ari Available
Sayangkene Indonesian Traditional Song MIDI + Lyric Ari Available

Karena alasan privacy, sebagian besar MIDI/Keyboard Style hanya kami tampilkan dalam format demo, yang merupakan potongan dari versi full. Apabila anda menginginkan versi full silakan menghubungi langsung sequencer/programmer MIDI yang bersangkutan . MIDI akan dikirimkan ke email anda dengan biaya pengiriman yang kami tetapkan. Apabila anda menginginkan pembuatan MIDI file maupun Keyboard Style baru (yang tidak tercantum pada daftar) kami akan kenakan biaya khusus yang besarnya sesuai panjang dan tingkat kesulitan lagu tersebut. Informasi lebih jelas silakan hubungi kami. Jika ingin menemukan lebih banyak MIDI versi full silakan kunjungi  www.harodilia.com

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