MIDI Files and Keyboard Styles on this page are short demos only. All are original. Not copied, edited, or modified from another existing MIDI Files or Keyboard styles. In order to receive full versions of the demos please contact the sequencer  (midi programmer) of the file directly. The complete MIDI will be emailed to you after amount of a transfer fee has been received from you. If you need a custom made MIDI File or Keyboard Style, our fees run from US $ 60 per song, depending on the length & difficulty of the song. For further information or assistance please contact us. 'Available' : MIDI file is available to the public, 'Not For Public' : MIDI file is not offered to public due to a privacy reasons.

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Title artist format sequencer status
True Love Elton John MIDI Harkuswo Available
Till I Gain Control Again Emmylou Haris MIDI Harkuswo Available
dansa yuk dansa Rollies MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
You Make My World So Colourful Daniel Sahuleka MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
il Mondo il Volo MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Dance With Me Johny Reid MIDI Harkuswo Available
Lilin Lilin kecil Virzha MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Available
Lesson in Love level 42 MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Hymn For The Weekend Alan Walker vs Coldplay MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Simpan Saja Ecoutez MIDI Harkuswo Available
Kamulah Satu Satunya Cindy Bernadette MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Denganmu Cinta Mytha Lestari MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Heaven Maliq D Essentials MIDI + Lyric Harkuswo Available
Come Share The Lord Christian Religious MIDI Harkuswo Available
Ondel Ondel Tari Creasi anak anak MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
He_Aint_Heavy_Hes_My_Brother THE HOLLIES MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Nyanyi Bagi Dia True Worshiper MIDI + Lyric Harkuswo Available
Always The Last To Know Del Amiri MIDI Harkuswo Available
Dia Anji MIDI + Lyric Irild Standby
Bawa Daku Pergi Cindy Bernadette MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Itu Kamu Yura Yunita MIDI + Lyric Irild Standby
Didnt We Almost Have It All Jed Madela MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Gordon Lightfoot Anything For Love Gordon Lightfoot MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Destination Everywhere N/A MIDI Harkuswo Available
Walau ku tak dapat melhat Blind Girl Ft Jasson MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Phrun Frumph Dhu Chu Chupf MIDI Harkuswo Available
Remember youre mine Elvis Presley MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Anjeun Nining Meida ft Adang MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Futu Ne (Rumania) Ethu MIDI Harkuswo Available
Ave Maria Olga Szyrowa MIDI Harkuswo Available
Kesalahan yang sama Without Drum and bass Kerispatih MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Jerawat Rindu Anji MIDI + Lyric Irild Available
Howe I Love You Engelbert Humperdinck MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Celebate Lake minus bass and drum Mardian MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Do You Believe In The Same Duran-Duran MIDI Harkuswo Available
Nyanyian Baru Batak Song MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Bila Badai Hidup Menerpamu Batak song MIDI + Lyric Nugroho Not For Public
Allahku Dahsyat Franky Sihombing MIDI Harkuswo Available
Yakap Sa Dilim Brown Man Revival MIDI + Lyric Harkuswo Available
Cinta Tanpa Restu Terry MIDI + Lyric Irild Available

Karena alasan privacy, sebagian besar MIDI/Keyboard Style hanya kami tampilkan dalam format demo, yang merupakan potongan dari versi full. Apabila anda menginginkan versi full silakan menghubungi langsung sequencer/programmer MIDI yang bersangkutan . MIDI akan dikirimkan ke email anda dengan biaya pengiriman yang kami tetapkan. Apabila anda menginginkan pembuatan MIDI file maupun Keyboard Style baru (yang tidak tercantum pada daftar) kami akan kenakan biaya khusus yang besarnya sesuai panjang dan tingkat kesulitan lagu tersebut. Informasi lebih jelas silakan hubungi kami. Jika ingin menemukan lebih banyak MIDI versi full silakan kunjungi  www.harodilia.com

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