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jk Name : Nugroho (Noegy)
Location : Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
Email : nug_ind@yahoo.com; nugboy@gmail.com
Phone : +628161348810
Bank : BCA, Mandiri, BNI
Comment :

 "..... dangdut is the music of my country ..... my country .... ohh my country ...... "

That is a lyric's part of an Indonesian song, sung by Project P. Yes, most of Indonesian people like this kind of song. It's a reason thats way i prefer to sequence this kind of music than all. But if you asked me ... i will be ready to sequence another genre of music, whatever !  Besides The Song  in SMF ( Stadart Midi Files ). I also provide in KORG Format,   so let the exclusive content touch your heart. The styles of KORG are also available for PA 500, PA60, PA80, PA50, and PA800. I WILL DO THE BEST FOR YOU !!!

Here are my MIDI /Keyboard Style files (most in demo version), please feel free to write to me to get the full version.

Title artist format status
Kehilangan Tongkat H. Rhoma Irama MIDI + Lyric Available
Kejora Lesti Academi MIDI + Lyric Available
Kekal Evie Tamala MIDI + Lyric Available
Kenanglah aku Naff MIDI + Lyric Not For Public
Keong Racun Arrs : By Nugroho MIDI + Lyric Available
Kepada Guru Lagu Anak2 MIDI + Lyric Available
Keramat H Rhoma Irama MIDI + Lyric Available
Keranda Cinta Nurhalimah MIDI + Lyric Available
Kereta Malam Elvi Sukaesi Korg Style Available
Kerinduan ( Korg Version ) Ridho Irama Ft Sonet2 MIDI + Lyric Available
KeRinduan Ft Sonet2 Ridho Irama MIDI + Lyric Available
Kerocong Kemayoran Lia Emelia MIDI + Lyric Not For Public
Kertas Dan Api Mansyur S MIDI + Lyric Available
Kesepian Vierra MIDI + Lyric Available
Ketahuan Uut Permatasari MIDI Available
Ketika Cinta Siti Nurhaliza MIDI + Lyric Available
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Melly Goeslow MIDI + Lyric Available
Ketulusan Reza MIDI + Lyric Not For Public
Khana Mansyur S MIDI + Lyric Available
Kiamat Rhoma Irama MIDI Available