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jk Name : Nugroho (Noegy)
Location : Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
Email : nug_ind@yahoo.com; nugboy@gmail.com
Phone : +628161348810
Bank : BCA, Mandiri, BNI
Comment :

 "..... dangdut is the music of my country ..... my country .... ohh my country ...... "

That is a lyric's part of an Indonesian song, sung by Project P. Yes, most of Indonesian people like this kind of song. It's a reason thats way i prefer to sequence this kind of music than all. But if you asked me ... i will be ready to sequence another genre of music, whatever !  Besides The Song  in SMF ( Stadart Midi Files ). I also provide in KORG Format,   so let the exclusive content touch your heart. The styles of KORG are also available for PA 500, PA60, PA80, PA50, and PA800. I WILL DO THE BEST FOR YOU !!!

Here are my MIDI /Keyboard Style files (most in demo version), please feel free to write to me to get the full version.

Title artist format status
Kasih Bapa Judika Yamaha Style Not For Public
Kasih Sekejab Ria Amelia MIDI Available
Kata Pujangga Rhoma Irama MIDI + Lyric Available
Katakanlah Drive MIDI + Lyric Available
Katanya Mansur S MIDI Available
Kau Harus Bahagia Sammy Simorangkir MIDI + Lyric Available
Kau Raih dan Kau Lepas Matta Band MIDI + Lyric Available
Kau Selalu Di Hatiku Erni Johan MIDI + Lyric Available
Kau Seputih Melati Sammy simorangkir MIDI + Lyric Available
Kau yang ku inginkan Peterpan MIDI + Lyric Available
Kau yang memilih aku Syahrini MIDI + Lyric Not For Public
Kaulah Sandy Sandoro MIDI + Lyric Available
Kaulah Segalanya Ruth Sahanaya MIDI + Lyric Available
Kawan KerisPatih MIDI + Lyric Standby
Kawula Muda H Rhoma Irama MIDI + Lyric Available
Ke Monas H. Rhoma Irama ft Elvi Sukaesi MIDI + Lyric Available
Keangkuhan Wawa Marissa MIDI + Lyric Not For Public
Kecuali Kamu Kotak MIDI + Lyric Available
Kehilangan Firman MIDI + Lyric Available
Kehilangan H Rhoma Irama MIDI + Lyric Available