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jk Name : Chairil Rachman (Irild)
Location : Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
Email : irild_2003@yahoo.com
Phone : +628125818472
Bank : Mandiri, BCA, BNI, Money Gram
Comment : As a MIDI sequencer, for me there is no type of music that can not be made into a MIDI format. Although no longer belong to a group of bands, until now I still actively working in the music, which makes MIDI customers demand. Hardware that really helped me in this regard is the Keyboard Yamaha, Roland, Korg and 1 set of PC.

More about me

  • The Best Keyboardist at Festival Your'e Rock Music Contest 1990 Kalimantan Area, Indonesia.
  • The Best Keyboardist at Festival Band general categories UNTAG 1990
  • Remastering East Kalimantan folk song at Elite Music Studio Surabaya, 1991
  • Custom Midi sequencing
  • Various kind of Midi collector
Here are my MIDI /Keyboard Style files (most in demo version), please feel free to write to me to get the full version.

Title artist format status
Hanya Aku Hyper Act MIDI + Lyric Available
Happi Butterfly Melly Goeslaw MIDI + Lyric Available
Happy Pharrell Williams MIDI + Lyric Available
Happy Sadness Day Angela Chang MIDI + Lyric Not For Public
Hari Ini Esok Dan Seterusnya Nirina MIDI + Lyric Available
Hari Yang Cerah Peterpan MIDI + Lyric Available
Haruskah Ku Mati Karenamu ADA Band MIDI + Lyric Available
Harusnya Kau Pilih Aku Terry MIDI + Lyric Available
Hey Ladies (OST_Barbi3) Rossa MIDI + Lyric Available
Hey Ladies (OST_Barbi3) Rossa MIDI + Lyric Available
Hilang Susan Neva ft Ujo MIDI + Lyric DISC-01
Honesty Beyonce MIDI + Lyric Available
I Choose You Sara Bareilles MIDI + Lyric Available
I Love You Dewi Sandra MIDI + Lyric DISC-01
I Saw Santa Claus (On The Roof) Tim Bell (Religion Song) MIDI + Lyric Standby
I will go to you like the first snow Ailee MIDI + Lyric Available
I'll Never love This Way Again Dionne Warwick MIDI + Lyric Available
I'm Fallin In Love Melly Goeslaw MIDI + Lyric Available
I'm Not the Only One Sam Smith MIDI + Lyric Available
I'm Sorry Goodbye Krisdayanti MIDI + Lyric DISC-01