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jk Name : Chairil Rachman (Irild)
Location : Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
Email : irild_2003@yahoo.com
Phone : +628125818472
Bank : Mandiri, BCA, BNI, Money Gram
Comment : As a MIDI sequencer, for me there is no type of music that can not be made into a MIDI format. Although no longer belong to a group of bands, until now I still actively working in the music, which makes MIDI customers demand. Hardware that really helped me in this regard is the Keyboard Yamaha, Roland, Korg and 1 set of PC.

More about me

  • The Best Keyboardist at Festival Your'e Rock Music Contest 1990 Kalimantan Area, Indonesia.
  • The Best Keyboardist at Festival Band general categories UNTAG 1990
  • Remastering East Kalimantan folk song at Elite Music Studio Surabaya, 1991
  • Custom Midi sequencing
  • Various kind of Midi collector
Here are my MIDI /Keyboard Style files (most in demo version), please feel free to write to me to get the full version.

Title artist format status
If Ever You're In My Arms Again Peabo Bryson MIDI + Lyric Available
Ikrar Radja MIDI + Lyric Available
il Mondo il Volo MIDI + Lyric Available
Indah Pada Waktunya Delon ft Irene MIDI + Lyric Available
Indonesia Saja Dewa MIDI Free
Ingatlah Diriku Chandra Ft Sheila Majid MIDI + Lyric Available
Ingkar Bunga Citra Lestari MIDI + Lyric Available
Intuisi Yura Yunita MIDI + Lyric Standby
Ironi Lidya ft Imaniar MIDI + Lyric Available
It's My Life (Acoustic) Bon Jovi MIDI + Lyric Available
Itu Aku Sheila On 7 MIDI + Lyric Free
Itu Kamu Yura Yunita MIDI + Lyric Standby
Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua Astrid MIDI + Lyric DISC-01
Jagalah Hati Snada MIDI + Lyric Available
Jangan Marion Jola Ft RAN MIDI + Lyric Available
Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku Titi DJ MIDI + Lyric Available
Jangan Biarkan Titi Dj Ft Diana Nasution MIDI + Lyric Available
Jangan Bilang Tidak 3B MIDI + Lyric DISC-01
Jangan Hilangkan Dia Rossa (Ost ILY from 38.000 FT) MIDI + Lyric Standby
Jangan Kau Lepas Alexa MIDI + Lyric Available